Black Cube Lockdown Sale

France (and other countries) are seeing an increasing amount of Covid-19 cases and because of that lockdowns, during the whole month of November (maybe longer). When it happened last time during spring, the developer gave ASA and Catyph away for free during a few days to support people that have to stay at home.
This time he has a similar special offer, in case you're curious and still don't have tried the Black Cube games, between November 2-8.

Boinihi more specifically will be at an historically low price. The developer would be more than happy if more of you could play it before the end of the year and write a bit of feedback, and he of course also hopes that this offer will entertain some of the people that have to stay at home and who love adventure games.

Here are the offers:

ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition - 75% off

Boinihi: The Ki Codex - 50% off

Catyph: The Kunci Experiment - 75% off

Myha: Return to the Lost Island - 25% off