Hello! Pleased to meet you, I am FireFlower Games. Please allow me to introduce myself:

FireFlower Games is a digital distribution platform that offers carefully selected DRM-free games for Linux, Mac and Windows for direct download. I specialize in story rich games, so the games I provide should include a good story, but they should preferably not contain an excessive amount of violence, even though some games might have a darker theme. Many of the games in the store come with bonus content as well. My service should be fast, reliable and easy to use.

I would like to be a force of good in the industry and across our world, and also give something back to the community and indie developers. My aim is therefore to donate at least half of my annual profits to projects that lead to a healthier and more sustainable planet (renewable energy, tree planting etc) and more great games being made (crowdfunding etc).

Digital games are also better for the environment; the carbon emission footprint is lower because there is no need to manufacture physical copies of the games or transport them, and less natural resources are hence used in the process. I love our planet, so that's important to me.

My customers are also very important to me, my policy is therefore to try and respond to customer support queries within 24 hours.

To sum it up - Story rich DRM-free games, you and being socially responsible; that is what I like and what is important to me.


FireFlower Games
Nobelvägen 145
212 15 Malmö

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FireFlower Games was founded in 2012.