Super Cyborg - Version 1.23

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 1.23 of Super Cyborg is now available.

    Patch notes:

    • The game runs on new Monkey X engine (old version was built with Blitz3D)
    • The game now has a save slot system to manage your save progress
    • Checkpoint at level-6 added
    • Sound test and music test options added (unlocks after beating the game)
    • Some sprites were remastered or completely redone
    • Character's color palette customization options added
    • The game will feature extended versions of music tracks
    • Level 7 boss 1st phase fixed, now it goes faster
    • Level-3 boss second form fixed for easy and normal, but it still the same on hard
    • Flamegun 'F' remastered, now it's an energy gun 'E' (however it has the same effect)
    • Number of infinitely spawning enemies decreased
    • Lock-on feature added. Now you can shoot any direction while standing on one spot. There's two lock-on types: 1 - switch by pressing the button; 2 - hold the button to enable and release to disable (works best for gamepad)
    • Some sound effects redone, and all effects encoded with better quality
    • New graphical options added: 1 - Smooth rotations option enables smooth rotation effect for rotating sprites (for example, cyborg somersault and corpse boulder on level 7), 2 - Advanced effects option enables color blending and semitransparency effects for explosions, projectiles, player weapons and some other effects
    • Graphics modes customization improved
    • A lot of small bug fixes and improvements

    This version is not compatible with previous versions.