Ring Runner - Flight of the Sages

Ring Runner - Flight of the Sages
  • Ring Runner combines the fast-paced action of space combat with the rich story and skill variety of an RPG.

    Pack a towel and embark on an epic journey across the universal super highways known as the Rings; someone out there must know who or what you are. The voice of Nero, your snarky neuro-HUD, provides guidance and compulsory companionship, but no answers. Dive into The Subrostrum, a world smaller than atoms where Will overpowers the natural forces, and resurface as a Sage capable of rewriting physical laws.

    Space is about freedom, and so is Ring Runner - Flight of the Sages. There are dozens of customizable hulls that act as unique templates for the over 400 wildly-varied, never-obsolete skills. Level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are all procedurally generated, yielding billions of challenges. Try the various scenarios alone, cooperatively, or competitively through local or online multiplayer.


    • 400+ Unique Abilities
    • 60 Fully Customizable Ships
    • 30 Hour Story-Driven Campaign - based on a sci-fi novel
    • 6 Scenarios - Play alone or coop and competitively through online multiplayer
    • Reliable Multiplayer
    • Local Coop
    • Newtonian physics
    • Roguelike
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Artistic design
    • Humorous tone

System Requirements

  • Minimum

    Operating System
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    2 GHz CPU
    1 GB RAM
    250 MB
    XNA Hi Def Profile Compatible GPU with 256 MB RAM