Reversion - The Escape

Reversion - The Escape

It’s 2035 in Buenos Aires, or where Buenos Aires used to be. You’ve just woken up in a hospital, and you can’t remember anything. All you know is you have to escape and find out what happened to the city. And how to save it.

Guide the protagonist, Christian, through the hospital grounds on a search for answers. What really happened 20 years ago to destroy the city? Why can’t you remember anything since?

Team up with Victoria, a fellow patient (or prisoner) with an equally mysterious past. Together, you must make a bid to escape before the guards catch up with you. Only then will you have a chance to reverse the disastrous events that destroyed the city as you know it.

Your adventure starts now. It’s time for Reversion.


  • An incredible atmosphere with a perfectly suited soundtrack
  • Original cartoon graphics
  • A mature story with charismatic characters
  • Challenging puzzles
  • An internal hints system
  • Designed to be played by all ages
  • Full English and Spanish (Argentina) voiceovers
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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Pentium 4 CPU
400 MB
3D Graphics Card with DirectX 9.0