GRUNND [Prologue]

GRUNND [Prologue]

GRUNND is a 100% handcrafted, fully voiced adventure game about travelling to a seemingly ordinary place right next to you that slowly introduces itself as surreal and twisted world and has it's own invisible gods, agendas, and order. You - tired after a dull day at your 9to5 job - fall asleep at the train on the way home. Next thing you do is jump out of that train into an unknown station, and now need to plan your way back home. Surely enough, it's not so easy? People you meet are slightly weird, and in the air there's an ethereal, omnipotent power floating just beyond your senses...

A bit of a different take on the point-and-click genre, with platformer-style built locations, fast travel, and multiple choice events introduced early on. This is not a puzzle heavy adventure and all puzzles are made without any nonsense or moon-logic. There is a rich story background for you to unravel; that is not only about you and the world - the people around you have their own thing and they are not here to help you.

The world is inspired by the works of Franz Kafka and David Lynch, and the setting has those taste droplets of Southern Gothic. This is not only the Protagonist's journey - it's yours as well.

Please enjoy the Demo, and let us know about your experience!

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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 10
Multi-core 2.5GHz or faster
1 GB
Nvidia GTX 950 or equivalent