New Arrival: Universe for Sale

Universe for Sale is now available.

Universe for Sale is a hand-drawn adventure game set in the dense clouds of Jupiter, where sapient orangutans work as dockhands and mysterious cultists strip the flesh from their bones in order to reach enlightenment.

A few words about the project:

The project was born from the collaboration of Zeno and Federico, respectively a cartoonist and a programmer, who joined forces to create their first real video game: Universe for Sale. Friends since university and gamers, they had created some small smartphone games, but nothing serious, because at that time, they were involved in other projects. Zeno was working on "Universalmente Parlando" (translated from Italian as "Universally Speaking"), a graphic novel project, looking for a publisher who wanted to publish it, but without success.

Everything changed during the pandemic. As many, they were stuck at home with a lot of free time. Zeno talked about the graphic novel project to Federico, who proposed the idea of turning it into a video game.

They wanted to recreate the exact, relaxing experience of reading the comic book, but
enhanced by the potential of the video game medium to make it lively and interactive, focusing on maintaining the drawing style and narrative method.

They immediately began work on it, and in late 2021 they released the prologue based on the first chapter of the comic. Now the full game has been released.

Read a full interview with the developers here.