New Arrival: Sleepytime Village - Demo

The demo for Sleepytime Village has arrived. It's time to sleep...

Sleepytime Village is a creepy story about learning to rediscover both your inner child and the joy of creativity.

Comment from the developer:

The initial idea for Sleepytime Village came from Steve watching CBeebies and being creeped out by the inhabitants of shows such as In The Night Garden and Moon & Me, so the music and sound of those shows has obviously been an influence; there are a lot of gentle ambient sounds with glockenspiels twinkling gently over the top. Helpfully, horror soundtracks have been known to use similar instrumentation! For Sleepytime Village, our approach has been to utilise these sounds but to ramp up the edginess.

Steve is using a mix of 'traditional' instrumentation and synthesizers, mixing organic and digital instrumentation with influences ranging from modern CBeebies to the Beach Boys, Massive Attack, Brian Eno and classic 70s library music.