Do you know this game? ;-)

Started by Maxime
  • Hello everyone!
    Let's play a game! :-D
    The rules are simple:
    Someone shows a screenshot from a game, then if you recognize it, you name it and you wait for confirmation from the one who showed the screenshot.
    Of course, the one who shows a screenshot has to know the game.
    There is no point to show a screenshot and ask from which game it comes if you don't know the answer yourself.
    Also, search is pointless too since the point of this game is to challenge your own knowledges.
    So please play fair and answer only from your own knowledges. :-)
    Ah and of course, there must not be the name in the screenshot.
    If the one who showed the screenshot confirmed that you recognized right, then it's your turn to show a screenshot and so the game goes on.
    Alright everyone? :-D
    Then let's get the game start!

    I start with an easy one, what game is this screenshot from?

    Super Mario Bros

  • Oh and pay attention that the screenshot doesn’t spoil anything. Think about players who might have not played the game yet and don’t steal the experience of discovery from them, right? ;-)

  • Well? No one recognizes this game or no one is there?

  • It is not a Zelda.
    Here is another picture.
    Not Zelda.
    Any idea?