Lorelai, Zed, Night in the Woods, Dear Esther, Gone Home, Blackwood Crossing, Enigmatis

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  • springtoiffel

    hello there!
    instead of creating several new topics I've decided to cover my recommendations in one single thread.
    all of these games are available DRM free, so the developers shouldn't be against publishing them on this website.

    one of the best games I've ever played, already completed it twice. seeing as you have Downfall and The Cat Lady here, it would be nice to also have the finale and pinnacle of the trilogy on Fireflower.

    published by Cyan. a narrative exploration adventure game, sort of a mix between Myst (minus the puzzles) and The Manhole.

    Night in the Woods
    I guess this was one of the main inspirations for Rainswept, which is available here. nice coming of age story paired with mystery.

    Dear Esther, Gone Home, Blackwood Crossing
    in my opinion the best "walking simulators" out there. thoughtful, calm and meditative games with very nice stories

    this website needs more hidden object games, so why not go with the amazing Enigmatis trilogy?!

  • FireFlower


    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I've contacted many of them in the past but got no reply or they weren't interested then. But I'll try again.

    Please add links to the developer or publisher in the future, makes it easier to find contact details etc.

  • springtoiffel

    oups, sorry about the missing links!
    I hope the devs will respond favorably this time.

  • springtoiffel

    what a great addition to the catalogue.
    Lorelai is an amazing game no adventure fan should miss out on playing, especially if you're a fan of "emotional" games like Life is Strange!