Funy game ^^

Started by Yannick
  • That's great to propose this "nice" game here. The adventure games are generally very serious nowadays (except for Deponia), and this game is a huge independant Point & Click full of humor and irreverent dialogues. A game very original that deserve to be known and played. I've discovered it on another website (sorry), but if I knew was on FFG, I'd bought here instead. Message for any player who hesitates to buy this great game : don't be shy and buy this game immediatly ! You'll not regret it. It will make you smart, famous, rich and bring you successful with girls, boys, or anything else you'd want. Guaranteed! ^_^

  • Glad to hear that you like it, Yannick. Feel free to also write a review of it (and earn some FirePoints) on the product page if you like. :)