Tony Tough

Tony Tough

Experience an incredible adventure alongside Tony Tough, in a crazy story packed with humour and all sorts of twists!

Small in stature, with an oversized yellow waterproof jacket and huge round glasses: Tony certainly doesn't look like an experienced private detective. For several years he has worked on the same case, without success. He tried to unmask an infamous psychopathic with the head of a pumpkin who has run rampant every Halloween night for more than ten years. Now the butt of his colleagues' jokes in the office, Tony Tough knows that this Halloween is his last chance to prove that he's not just some lanky no-hoper without a future in this business.


  • An amazing adventure game following in the footsteps of a great classical genre
  • Approximately 60 places to visit and 45 characters to meet
  • A non-linear adventure combining loads of characters with tons of places to visit
  • A thrilling gaming experience - with a long life to boot!
  • Lots of original, top-quality, funny puzzles that are sure to send your neurons into overdrive!
  • Experience humour and style reminiscent of old LucasArts games, like Day of the Tentacle
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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows XP / Vista / 7
1.4 GHz CPU
780 MB free HD space
DirectX 9