Silent Footsteps

Silent Footsteps

Rebecca Carlson is travelling to her old home town in search for answers. Recently, a childhood friend of hers died in what appeared to be an accident, and Rebecca was mentioned in the will. She received the keys to the friend’s apartment, and a short note. It said: ”Follow in my footsteps”. Without knowing anything more than that, Rebecca now has to try and figure out what it’s all about, and why her friend had been so secretive.

Silent Footsteps is a point ’n’ click adventure game made with real photographs. It’s 100% mouse driven and has 100 save slots, which you can use at any time. There’s a quick tutorial at the start of the game, and an in-game journal that will guide you, if you should need any help. The game takes place in Sweden, but all dialogues are in English, and have optional subtitles. The game contains no graphic violence or swearing. It has no action sequences, and is suitable for ages 15 and up.


“This isn't a Carol Reed game but it could be. If you like Carol, you will like Rebecca, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her again.” - GameBoomers

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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Pentium 1 000
512 MB RAM
1 GB free HD space
128 MB Graphics Card