Oz Orwell

Oz Orwell
  • Hi, my name is Oz Orwell and I'm the founder, director, cameraman and ghost-investigator of "Ghosts & Mansions". Yes, the very internet portal where every week you can see a new ghost case. Sure, I have to do everything myself, but I've never felt the need for staff. Many people think I'm a fraud, that the presences in my film clips are computer graphics. Well, that's right. I've visited 35 locations in Europe and 12 in America presumed to be haunted, and I've seen and heard absolutely nothing... But things were about to change. Computer graphics wouldn't be needed for "Angst Mansion". And no one would ever see the new episode.


    • Adventure partially coloured, partially black & white
    • Simplified interaction system based on mouse only (right click to examine, left click to interact, no visible icon)
    • Ghosts, legends and Lovecraft in just one story
    • Horror and suspence but no chance to die

System Requirements

  • Minimum

    Operating System
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    1 GHz CPU
    1 GB RAM
    1.5 GB free HD space
    128 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible Graphics Card