Outscore: Prologue

Outscore: Prologue
  • Welcome to Nova City, a sprawling metropolis of the near future where a government-enforced CITIZEN SCORE system ensures its citizens maintain proper conduct. Your score dictates which districts you can access, what products you can buy, whom you can talk to... - essentially, your fate. You'll play the role of Alex Murillo, an upright citizen who's never had to worry about his place in society - only to wake up one day and find his CITIZEN SCORE has been reduced to zero, and he's been thrown out of the city. If you want to reclaim your life and find out who is responsible for your predicament you'll have to find a way back into the heart of the city, to the central offices where everyone's fate is measured and managed; but just how will you do that with no score?

    OUTSCORE is a classic graphic adventure with a focus on its narrative themes and a branching storyline: you'll have to choose between bending to the system's demands in order to improve your CITIZEN SCORE or find your own way into the city - with the dangers this might involve.

    OUTSCORE features a dark and moody original soundtrack by the very talented Thomas George (https://www.thomasgeorgemusic.com).


    • Beautiful handcrafted pixel art graphics
    • A startingly relevant story of resourcefulness in the face of authoritarianism
    • Branching narrative paths, leading to wildly different outcomes
    • A rich cast of characters to interact with
    • Playful dialogues that harken back to the classics of the genre
    • Logical-actual, human logic-puzzles

System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 7
Core Duo CPU