Menial: a Utopian Bagel Simulator

Menial: a Utopian Bagel Simulator

Menial is a game about making bagels and living in the City State of Ineria, a fully automated utopia.

You step into the shoes of Maria, who's lifelong passion has been the (perhaps modest) art of making bagels. Menial witnesses an eventful period of strife and undecidedness in Maria’s life, as she stumbles down a spiral staircase of doubt, political debate and existential crisis. What does the following of your passion entail in a world of myriad possibilities? What pressures and attitudes must Maria endure from her surroundings? What is the utopian state of Ineria like and who lives there?


  • Make and serve your clients the best bagels using the Bagel Simulator, or just don't give them what they want; you don't have to worry about income, after all.
  • Learn about Ineria and it's citizens by discussing with your clients: get into arguments, help a man remember his fantastic travels, befriend a hiking botanist and her girlfriend. Travel around the city to different bagel stands.
  • Help Maria start her day and open the bagel stand with some light puzzles.
  • Gamble that hard earned cash or go shopping.
  • Read the news to be up to date with worldly events.
  • Dream to peek into Maria's head.
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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows Vista