Kitrinos: Inside the Cube

Kitrinos: Inside the Cube
  • “1961. The hero is Professor Dimarx, an archaeologist who thinks he made the discovery of the century on his planet, Terra, on the forbidden continent of Meridia. For posterity, he is followed by his long-time partner and friend, Gramuel Solus, who is in charge of filming this great event. On arriving at the ruins, they discover a chasm with stairs carved into the rock. Here and there, strange black crystals seem to indicate ancient volcanic activity. Dimarx is exalted by his discovery, and descends into the depths of the earth without precautions. He is as if called by an unknown force, and will discover the first Black Cube in the modern history of Terra. His mind is then like ‘absorbed’ inside…”

    Kitrinos is a first-person sci-fi adventure game set in the world of the Black Cube series (ASA, Catyph, Myha...) and created for Adventure Jam 2018 on Game Jolt. It takes place in a retro geometrical world, that can remind of old movies and polygonal games. We mainly created it in 2 weeks (the development continued during the next few days to fix some bugs and include some missing graphics).

    The gameplay is frame by frame (in prerendered 3D backgrounds) with 360° panoramic views in HD, and many short cutscenes in animated video. The game was developed with the Clickteam Fusion engine. It is recommended to play it with a pen and paper to take notes and solve the puzzles.


    • 3 visually distinct regions to visit
    • Challenging puzzles (6 in total)
    • Story is told through a diary and several animated cutscenes
    • 600 MB of cerebral happiness

System Requirements


Operating System
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Pentium i3
600 MB