Four Distant Daughters

Four Distant Daughters

Four Distant Daughters is a point-and-click horror-sci-fi adventure game created in 14 days for Adv Jam 2020, in which you will play as four different girls, living in different time periods, whose lives became connected because of distant danger.

Where are you when the game starts?

You are a 14 years old girl, in the South of Spain, in 1650
You are a 15 years old girl, in Queens, NY, in 1918
You are a 19 years old girl, in Wuhan, in 2020
You are an 18 years old girl, on a small Spaceship, traveling to mining planet Musk-71, in 2134

And you're desperately trying to save your mother(s).


  • Four playable characters (freely switchable, once activated), living in four different locations and time periods
  • Pixel art
  • SCUMM style retro interface


Other info:

How to play

(on game screen)
Left-click: move to
Right-click: look at / talk to
To change area, click to move to the exit point, then once there click again.

Use the SCUMM-like verb buttons and/or the inventory to compose actions.
Use the girls' icons (once activated) to change the active player.

In case you need help, you can find a lot of useful info about how to proceed here:

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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 7
Low-average PC CPU