Clean'Em Up

Clean'Em Up
  • Clean'Em Up is a colorful, fast-paced arcade shooter where you fight computer security threats using various weapons.

    Playing as an upgradable anti-virus, you seek and destroy different viruses. Throughout the game different types of security threats will be introduced (Viruses, Trojans, Port Holes, Worms …etc.), all these threats mimic their real world behavior. The player will have to find suitable solutions to overcome those issues that are analogized to real world solutions, adding some educational experience. The shooting mechanism is new where there are two main players with two main weapons. One player faces the mouse direction and the other faces the backward direction, shooting at two different directions at the same time. Different players and weapons can be unlocked later in the game.



    • Twin Stick Shooter with nice candy effects
    • Shoot from two directions (Back2Back Engine)
    • 70+ Levels with 5 different Gameplay modes
    • 3 Survival modes
    • 5 Boss fights
    • Upgradable Character (Consisting of 4 pieces)
    • 18 Weapon
    • 6 Characters with Overclocking ability
    • 20+ Achievements


System Requirements

  • Minimum

    Operating System
    Windows XP / Vista / 7
    1.6 GHz CPU or faster
    1 GB RAM
    200 MB free HD space
    DirectX 9 compatible Graphics Card