Captain Disaster and the Two Worlds of Riskara - Demo

Captain Disaster and the Two Worlds of Riskara - Demo

It all starts with Captain Disaster answering a distress call from a mysterious ship... but it ends up with a planet desperate to rekindle its geothermal energy source, and the long-lasting legacy of an intergalactic empire long consigned to the history books. The planet houses a secret that none of its inhabitants are aware of...

Captain Disaster and The Two Worlds of Riskara features a contextual one-click interface, a host of colourful characters, devious puzzles, detailed cartoon style graphics, full voicing and an original soundtrack. You play as the adventurous but not altogether bright eponymous Captain, aided (sometimes) by your ship's computer, Zero-Bit, as you help a race of aliens whose complex history is largely unknown, even to themselves.

This game is a collaboration between award-winning developers Dave Seaman (multiple AGS Awards for Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots & other games) and Lorenzo Boni (winner of the $106 Adventure Game Challenge for Where Did the Humans Go? and an AGS Award). These two amiable lunatics have been point & click adventure game fans for many years and they have collaborated previously on small games and even a children's book, but nothing approaching the scale and scope of this new Captain Disaster game!

The soundtrack is being composed by Eric Galluzzo, a recent finalist in the Ryan Leach Composition Competition, whose previous work includes the OST for The Corruption Within.

Other info:

(Playing the two previous Captain Disaster games is not necessary for this one, although there will be some references to events in the earlier games, and even a returning character from Stomping Boots...)

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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 7
163 MB
Any decent GPU