Boinihi: The Ki Codex

Boinihi: The Ki Codex

Boïnihi: The K’i Codex is, in the pure tradition of the Black Cube series, an exploration game where solving puzzles requires observation and learning the codes of the world. Created by Simon Mesnard (ASA, Catyph, Myha...) and magnified by an oriental-sounding music composed by Yazorius, Boïnihi has a gameplay never before seen in the series, halfway between Myst-like and traditional adventure games.

"An astronaut has been wandering through space for 4 years, and finally landed on an uncharted moon, where a mysterious hermit used to live alone. Boïnihi was his name, and he was one of the rare survivors of a terrible event known as "Day Zero", which happened long, long ago..."

Boïnihi is an independent and self-funded game, mainly created by one person. It has been envisaged as a 1st person adventure with a hybrid gameplay (3rd person camera). You will go through an exotic story based on the exploration of a faraway moon and the solving of didactic logical puzzles. This game is reminiscent of the Myst series but also point and click games like Syberia, The Longest Journey...


  • Visit the moon of Boïnihi (4 regions: Peibin Lake, Library Island, Ailhon Woods and Hydra Crest)
  • Play as a Terran astronaut. Pick up items. Search for clues and solve puzzles to progress in the story
  • 3D character on prerendered backgrounds
  • Includes 3d animated videos for a better immersion
  • 12 original music tracks composed by Yazorius, instruments with an asian/oriental sound
  • Bonus folder included in the game files (mp3, video, DVD cover, comics...)
  • Starring Klemens Koehring (Dark Nights with Poe and Munroe, JULIA: Among the Stars...) as the voice of the Hero Astronaut and as the voice of Boïnihi
  • Learn step by step to decode the mysterious K'i Codex, a handpainted book made by Boïnihi himself


“With a focus on old-school, high-quality puzzling and an intriguing stand-alone story, Boïnihi: The K’i Codex comes with an unhesitating recommendation for both newcomers to the Black Cube shared universe and series veterans alike.” 4/5 – Adventure Gamers

“I liked Boïnihi a lot.” GameBoomers

"When we think of “indie” games, this is the kind of experience we should have in mind – and it’s the kind that reminds us that with some creativity and passion of our own, we all can build and create our own worlds." Zero Limit Games

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Le Dernier-Né, mais pas le moindre !

La grande saga des Black Cubes de SImon Mesnard offre par ce titre un épilogue captivant qui parachève l'Oeuvre dans un jeu rompant avec le codes établis. En effet, Boïnihi est un point & click là où les autres opus de la série étaient des myst-like. De plus, la navigation du personnage se fait au clavier (la souris parcourant l'écran pour récupérer des objets, observer des décors, parler avec des personnages et résoudre des énigmes). Ce gameplay spécifique apporte un confort considérable dans le jeu, tout en offrant une dynamique nouvelle. Quant à l'histoire, elle oscille entre le mystique, la botanique, la SF, la méditation, ... tout en proposant au joueur de relever des défis intellectuels relativement complexes et passionnants. Un Grand Jeu qui a été soigné dans tous ses aspects, visuels, sonores et narratifs.

System Requirements


Operating System
Windows 7
Duo Core @ 2GHz+
1 GB
Non-Dedicated (shared) video card with at least 512MB Shared VRAM & openGL 2.0 support