Betrayed Alliance - Book 1

Betrayed Alliance - Book 1

The Princess has been kidnapped and you've been jailed for the crime.

Innocent of the charges, you've broken out of prison to find your missing fiance and bring peace back to the Kingdom.

But it won't be easy!

Perhaps she ran away herself, not wanting to be married off to the Prince of a rival kingdom as part of a peace treaty.

Rumors about her disapperance are spreading, some implying treason, others danger, even treachery. It will be up to you to seek out the truth and save her from an uncertain fate.

Betrayed Alliance is meant to be an original throwback to the SCI0 (Sierra Creative Interpreter) adventure games with a particular nod towards Quest for Glory 1 and 2. It was developed by Ryan Slattery (a.k.a. Doan Sephim) using Brian Provinciano's SCI Studio 3 and Phil Fortier's SCI Companion. The game features sciAudio for high quality sound. As an SCI0 game it features the characteristic type-interface as well as mouse controls.

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