Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Atlantis: The Lost Tales
  • Travel in time and step into the world of Atlantis, a civilization rich in wonder and sophistication. Reigning over an island of peace and plenty is Queen Rhea. Her reign is secure – or is it? Find the truth by entering the life of Seth, the young hero of this mystery that unfolds over five continents.

    Live a first-person adventure of epic proportions, whose outcome may well decide the fate of this fascinating universe of visual intensity, fantastic machines and unpredictable people.


    • Fascinating story with a very unique and intriguing interpretation of the legend of Atlantis
    • Great puzzle design with well adjusted level of difficulty provide an enjoyable and rewarding challenge
    • Top-notch voice acting and excellent soundtrack further enhance the feeling of immersion
    • 5 different continents to explore and 50 characters to interact with
    • Fully-rotational full-screen 3D

System Requirements


Operating System
Windows XP / Vista / 7
1.8 GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
3 GB free HD space