Al Emmo & the Lost Dutchman's Mine

Al Emmo & the Lost Dutchman's Mine
  • Al Emmo is single. He's also forty-two. But he has a plan: marry a mail-order bride and prove he's a real man! Are you ready?

    Embark on an epic journey that will send our unlikely hero deep into the heart of the wild west in search of love and lost treasure said to contain inconceivable wealth! A stranger in town - a charming royal from Spain - competes for the object of Al's affections. And a looming thousand-year-old Aztec curse is bound to keep him on his toes.

    Brave a horde of desert perils including excessively equipped prairie dogs, an extremist termite exterminator, arrow-happy Indians, and a liquor SO potent, you won't even remember your hangover!

    Does Al have what it takes to be a cowboy? Does redemption lie within the haunted depths of the Lost Dutchman's Mine? Is Al brave enough to enter? And will his parents even miss him? Find out in Himalaya Studios' Wild Western adventure game!


    • Completely re-recorded character vocals for the Al Emmo protagonist character
    • Classic 2D-animated cutscenes which replace the old 3D versions
    • Achievements System
    • Higher resolution graphic options for more detailed characters
    • GUI and graphical tweaks to enhance gameplay
    • Over 120 high-res, hand-painted background scenes
    • More than 15,000 frames of fluid, pre-rendered character animation
    • Unique Look, Interact, and Talk narrator messages for every location, item, and character
    • Detailed speech portraits for all characters, all fully-voiced and lip-synced
    • More than two hours of lovingly scored original music by Tom and Dianne Lewandowski
    • Nine Acts filled with fun, excitement, humor, and danger!


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System Requirements


Operating System
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
800 MHz CPU
128 MB RAM
700 MB free HD space
32-bit SVGA Graphics Card with 2 MB RAM