New Arrival: The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain is here! And it's 40% off for the first week!

Funded on Kickstarter with backers including legend of the genre Ron Gilbert, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an otherworldly point-and-click adventure - filled with strange beasts, evil witches, confused automatons and wacky ropemen.

Comment from the developer:

Sitting on a beach in Croatia, small sketch book in hand, the possibilities of my first point and click adventure game spilling from my pen onto the page. The sea, gently ebbing and flowing, the sun beating down. Pure bliss.

The puzzles and locations come to life, creating a world, creating our heroes.

Home, learning Unity, learning Adventure Creator, trying to learn how to write and make a game. The beginning of a dream fulfilled.

Jan 11-18 2016: My world falls apart. I lose my wife and seven month unborn son, Gil. Throughout the darkness, working on this game helps break me from the nightmare, and is something to give me focus, something to keep me from my despair.

April 2019: My game is released on Nintendo Switch (thanks to Huey Games) and on Steam. I am ecstatic and overwhelmed, relieved and sad, it is bittersweet. However, my life is now back on track; my game comes out two months after my darling daughter, Etta, was born. I have been blessed with a new family, and my beautiful wife Nancy, who has supported and encouraged me also, is so happy for me (and shattered of course).

My brother, who wrote the original story of The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain and came up with the main characters originally, shared the joy at finally releasing our first game, in light of our younger selves fun struggle to try and do so.

And so, four years later, with great reviews, fans, learnings and challenges along the way, Lightfoot Bros are well into the process of making two new games. Hurrah!