New Arrival: Powers in the Basement

Powers in the Basement is now available.

The game is about Will and he plans to go out, but he badly needs his favorite t-shirt. Experience his struggles, in this witty adventure, as he searches for it. But be on the alert as you will encounter lazy grandparents, mischievous rats and carnivorous plants, that you might have to avert...

Comment from the developer: PitB is our first point & click adventure, and the first game featuring Will Phail, a clumsy, light-hearted teenager with hypertrophic self-esteem.

This game is a sort of prequel for a full-length adventure starring Will as a young adult. PitB is not a demo or a short version though: it is a game on its own, with a smaller scope and a story that is only mildly related to the next installment. Before embarking on Yet Another Unreleased Wide-Scope Adventure Game we decided to chew something smaller, learning along the road and introducing our beloved main character to the public.

To us, this game is like a dream come true. We grew up in the golden age of Point & Click games and we have always dreamed of reviving the spirit, humor, and brain-squeezing of the good ol' days, bringing something new to the table as well.