Please make the website's design more lively!

Started by Maxime
  • Greetings!

    I am here because I share your no-DRM ideal, support of the independence of creation, caring for players, kindness, ecological ideal, to sum it up: I share what's important for you. ;-)

    But I find the website's design austere and I would like something more lively.
    I suggest to make something a bit more colourful, to add a customized stylised background and maybe a mascot to give to the website a personality who is welcoming, friendly and kind. ;-)

    I also am sad of the big lack of great DRM-free indie games on this website which deserves them but I already took care of that in the games suggestions forum. ;-3

  • Hi,

    Glad to hear that you share our values. :)

    Thanks for your feedback about our site, we'll take it into consideration. However, there are a lot of views on what the website should look like though, some want it to be simplistic and some want it to be more colorful, like you, so it can be difficult to accomodate everyones needs. :) If you're good at graphic design etc then you're more than welcome to email us with ideas and we'll take a look.

    Thanks for your game suggestions, we have contacted some of the developers/publishers in the past but we'll contact the ones we haven't already. I'll comment on your posts if we've contacted already or if we will contact.

  • Simplistic doesn't mean minimalist. I like simple intuitive design. But not lifeless. Colours bring life. Not complexity. ;-)
    Hmm… Okay. If you wish I think of a design for your website, I need to know more about its spirit.
    Why "FireFlower"? What is the meaning of this name?

    Even if you already asked in the past, ask again. But this time, say that the ask comes from customer. ;-)

  • I understand. :)
    First we wanted a name with flower in it (because we like flowers and nature) and then added fire because it sounded cool. :) Then we found out that it's actually something from Super Mario, that was actually coincidental but possibly also subconscious. :)

    We'll ask again. :)

  • Yeah, I immediately thought of the fire flower in Super Mario Bros and at first, I thought it was a tribute to an old game that you have fond memories of. But seeing the fire ball in your logo, I thought that it was a coincidence only, the meaning was something else.
    So the name FireFlower is a combination of love for nature and something cool. I see.
    But fire and flowers actually don't get along well, a fire in nature burns every flower to ashes and a beautiful colourful lively forest turns into a grey flat carpet when a fire meets it. Not exactly good friends they are, are they? :-3
    I know I seek far, but I am someone who thinks deep about the meaning of names and things. Sorry if I think too far for you.
    But I think about a new name which comes with a new design.
    What do you think of HealthyGames?
    This name came to my mind because of your love of nature. Nature which is lively and healthy. As opposite to industrial societies which are polluted, intoxicated, poisoned, where persons are turned into machines, live to work, to produce, to buy, to consume, live to be useful, live a senseless life.
    Plus the fact that digital games are better for the environment, so healthier, the carbon emission footprint being much lower because there is no need to manufacture the games or transport them, but also the natural resources are not looted since no materials are used since there is nothing physical in digital games. No plastic for disc, box and blister, no paper and no ink for manual and cover. Digital games don't consume any material so they don't loot nature and are better for the environment, so healthier. You should add this to your about. ;-)
    Moreover, your aim is to donate at least half of your annual profits to projects that lead to a healthier planet and more great games being made (crowdfunding etc). So it is also healthy for games development. ;-)
    Moreover, it fits just fine with the fact that you try to stay away from excessively violent games. So you want only healthy games. You get how everything on this website fits with HealthyGames? ;-)
    Moreover, you aim to be simple, so players don't get a headache, so you are healthy, YAY! :'-D
    Hmm… Or I think of another name. One which would allow you to keep your initials: FFG. What do you think of FlowersFriendlyGames? It fits with everything I told above. But you better write the 3 words in 3 different colours. Because it has 2 senses:
    Games friendly to flowers. Because they are digital games, so healthier for nature, because 50% of your annual profits go to projects that benefit the environment (and game development but it is not the point here), and because they are not too much violent, so moderately violent, so more flowers friendly than blood thirsty. ;-)
    But also games friendly to players. Because they are carefully selected indie DRM-free games which are entertaining, nice-looking, innovative and not overwhelmingly violent. Let's analyse this sentence: They are indie games, meaning games which have been created with love by passionate developers as they wished it to be for players. Not soulless games made by big greedy corporations as merchandises for profits. They are DRM-free games, meaning games which respect players' freedom, which choose to trust players to be fair with the developer. They are carefully selected entertaining, nice-looking, innovative and not overwhelmingly violent games, meaning that they are intended to offer players an enjoyable experience, to make them feel good and enjoy good time. Your aim is to donate at least half of your annual profits to projects to benefit the environment and game development, so you participate to a friendlier world and to more great games for players. You strive to offer a fast, reliable and easy-to-use website, so a players-friendly website. You care for players, so you are players-friendly.
    So, since it is friendly both to flowers and players, what do you think of merging the 2 words into FlayersFriendlyGames? If players are curious about this name, they will look for the meaning. They will probably look into the website's about. Then you better explain the meaning in the about. Explain that Flayers is a combination of Flowers and Players because FlayersFriendlyGames is friendly both to flowers and players then what you already wrote will do for the explanation. ;-)
    Oh no… Forget this idea. I just checked and the word "flayer" actually exists and its meaning doesn't fit with your website so let's not use that name.
    Hmm… GamerFlowers! I just had a great idea! :-D I made suggestion of a website's mascot to give it a personality. And the name that I just found gave me an idea! The website of gamer flowers. Gamer flowers mascots. I mean mascots who are flowers who are gamers. Flowers characters who play games. They have a face and they have branches which stand for their hands. And they have game controllers in their vegetal hands and play games. Diverse kinds of flowers, each with its own style and colours. They stand side to each link as a guide to another page and the link is written in a speech bubble as if it is the gamer flowers who speak. This will give to the website some personality and make it more lively. ;-)
    Also, the website's background that I talked about could be beautiful photos of nature and there could be different photos on each page to give to the website diversity, because always the same becomes boring. So several diverse beautiful photos of nature on each side of each page would give a fresh air taking to the website instead of that 2 big useless grey empty spaces on each side of each page. ;-)

    Thank you for caring about players' ideas. Let me know how it comes. ;-)

  • Thanks for all your feedback! I like how you think. A name change is something we could consider but it's also difficult because our current name is at least a little bit known. :) And it would take some effort to make a new logo, reach out to people about a new name etc, but we're not opposed to it. We'll see what happens in the future. :)

  • I understand. When you are ready to do it, you could announce in the website's news and in the announcements forum a rebirth of the website with a new name and a new design to be more efficient. Also a little announcement banner on the home page to make sure everyone knows about it. ;-)
    I wish I could help you to make it, but I don't have any technical skill, I have only my imagination, I am good only at having ideas, that is all I can do. :-)

  • I hope that my imagination can help you to improve. I wish your website attracts more players who share our ideals. ;-)

  • You forgot 2 things in the about:
    1) You need to replace "FireFlower Games offers DRM-free games for Windows, Linux and Mac for direct download." by "I offer DRM-free games for Windows, Linux and Mac for direct download.".
    2) You forgot to replace "less natural resources are consumed" by "no natural resource is consumed".

  • Thanks but think we'll leave it as it is now. But I appreciate your suggestions. :)

  • Just a thing : as the forum grows and have more activity, there will be more and more spam on it. Please, don't forget to clean all the spam messages written on your forum, and bannish all the bot users who write them. A clean forum is always a better place to meet people and share experience in good conditions between players ^_^

  • Thanks, we'll try to be as quick as possible at removing spam and banning spammers. :)