Search function

Started by Maxime
  • Oh! There is no function to make a search in forums? Then it needs to be added. Because I am not sure if I already suggested a game and I have to check the list of topics page per page because I can't make a search to check if I already made the suggestion. So think about adding a search function in forums please. ;-)

  • Oh I see. But I suggest you to implement it in each forum as well because it is not quite obvious that when we search for a topic in a specific forum, we have to search in the forums' list page.
    For example, if I look for a game to check if it has already been suggested, I will go straight into the games suggestions forum and I will try to search from there. I will not think of moving back to the forums' list to search in a specific forum.

    I wasn't notified that you answered because you created a new topic so I wasn't following it.
    I noticed it because I wandered around to see if anyone else is alive here. :-D

  • Thanks for your feedback, we'll keep that in mind for our future forum but it won't be implemented in the current forum.