Owned tags & library sorting

Started by budejovice
  • Oh no, first topic! :)

    I am a recent import from GOG. I know their catalog pretty well, but there are lots of new (to me) games here. I'll know the catalog here backwards and forwards very soon, no doubt, but a few things might be helpful for other users as well.

    An "owned" tag would be nice to have. I noticed a game I recently bought recommended at checkout during a subsequent purchase. Of course I know the games I've bought here, but as that number grows, this would seemingly be a helpful feature.

    I enjoy having my library able to be sorted by purchase date, as is done here. However I also find it occasionally helpful to be able to sort alphabetically.

    Just a couple of thoughts. I am enjoying the site! Thank you!

  • Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the forums!

    Good suggestions, we're going to do some changes to the site in the near future and we'll certainly take that into consideration.

  • FireFlowerGamesPlayer

    Hey there!

    Any news on this? I've come to check out the Adventure Weekend, and it'd be great if games already bought were marked as "owned" in some fashion.

    So, I'd like to add my voice to that of my friend budejovice.

    Cheers! :-)

  • Hey!

    We're still working on a new design of the site, this unfortunately takes some time as it's done part time and also because we want the end result to be as good as possible. Sorry about this.

  • FireFlower

    Just wanted to update you and tell you that this is on the to-do list and will be done eventually, but there are other things that have higher priority at the moment.

  • We have now added a feature so you can hide games you already own (in settings). We might add an owned tag later on.