Not all games are visible in the shop

Started by HertogJan
  • When browsing through the available games, I purchased 'Brigade E5: New Jagged Union' amongst others. I didn't see it's successor '7.62 High Calibre'.
    As I wanted to make a suggestion for it, I searched the site for 7.62 using google and actually found the store page for '7.62 High Calibre' (listed as '7.62 mm' here).
    7.62 doesn't show up in the shop anywhere. When clicking the categories on the store page, you won't see it listed. Searching the site for it, gives no results. However there is a forum for it.

    I have no idea if this is the only game that's not visible in the store.

  • Some games are not available anymore for different reasons, that's why they're not visible in the store.