SSL direct bank card payment

Started by Maxime
  • Hello FireFlower,

    I can't buy anything from you currently because the only way to pay you is via PayPal.
    I don't have a Paypal account and I don't want to have one.
    Why didn't you implement SSL direct bank card payments as it is a standard?
    I really would like that you implement it as soon as possible because I can't buy anything as long as you are dependent on Paypal.

  • Hey,

    We had it earlier but it was a lot of administrative work for us and high costs so we stopped using it. But we might have something like that again in the future. Feel free to suggest bank card payment services and we can have a look.
    I think you should be able to pay with a bank card through PayPal but maybe you need a PayPal account to do it?

  • Oh? Every website use bank cards payments so I didn't think it was expensive and administrative pain.
    I thought it was the most basic way of payments.
    I would like to be able to pay you by secured bank card payment like I do for all online payments but I don't want to add work and costs on you.
    And I really don't trust Paypal.

    Ah! I found something! :-)
    Read this page!

  • Amazon are corrupted, don't rely on them.
    I read the Paysafecard page that you gave me and it is nice for those who don't have a bank card.
    And for payments with cards, just read the page that I gave you and you will not need anything else. ;-)
    Then come back and thank me warmly for having made you discover such a sweet service. :-)

  • You still didn't implement the possibility to pay by card, I told you that I cannot buy anything from you as long as you remain dependent on Paypal and I even found a fair-priced quality service for you.
    I can't support you by buying games from you as long as you rely on Paypal.

  • Sorry, not implementing more payment options at the moment. There might be more payment options when the new site is up.

  • I have used in the past.
    It's a German bank which offers you a prepaid creditcard.
    Create an account, transfer funds to your bankaccount.
    Once the funds are on your account, you can use the attached card.
    Money transfer to the account cost €1 per transfer.
    Since I haven't used them in years, I have no idea if the conditions are still the same.

    There are other companies offering prepaid visa and/or mastercard creditcards. Look around.

  • FireFlower

    You should be able to pay with a debit or credit card through PayPal without having an account now.

  • Nice new design! :-D
    But you still haven't implemented payments by card! :-p

  • And what if I don't trust PayPal and don't want to use their services?

  • FireFlower

    It's the only option we have if you want to pay with credit or debit card without having a PayPal account. If you pay without an account then they just handle the payment between us and the company that issued your card, as any other card payment service provider we would use. So it would be the same as any other SSL direct bank card payment.

  • FireFlower

    They probably store as much or as little information as any other card payment service provider. They probably have to store some info on the payment. But you would have to ask them about that. You could compare them with Bambora, which is a Swedish card payment processing company and see if you find any differences in how they handle payments.

    You can also check the EU General Data Protection Regulation and see what they are allowed to store and for how long.

  • I see. Then I guess it is no different than any other card payment service provider as you said.
    Then now, I can buy games from you at last. :-)

  • I was ready to spend my money but apparently you don't want it, PayPal only. If you can't do the most basic thing a store does, accept payments for products, then you really have at lot of work to do. Let me know when you're able to accept MasterCard or Visa like a real store and I'll be happy to shop here.

  • FireFlower

    We do accept MasterCard and Visa and we use PayPal as card payment processing company. It's the same as using any other card payment processing company, like Bambora that I mentioned earlier. You don't need a PayPal account to pay with your card.

  • You're WRONG they are NOT the same, PayPal makes you go to THEIR site others don't. If you can't see the difference than I can only assume that your business knowledge is severely lacking. There's a reason so many people quit using PayPal, they can't be trusted. If you aren't able to handle simple transactions ON YOUR SITE then your "store" is a joke. When you're ready to act like a real store email me, you have my address.

  • FireFlower

    In order for a site to handle credit card transactions themselves, they need to be PCI compliant.
    This is a lengthy and costly process that smaller sites such as ours simply can't afford, so in that case they use an external payment provider such as PayPal.
    Most probably many sites that you think have their own solution already use a different solution such as Braintree (A PayPal company BTW.), or Stripe which offers a more direct integration than PayPal. Information is still sent to their servers, but you never notice that you leave the site.
    All payment providers also have to comply with the same rules and regulations in the EU (where we are based), so there's no difference between them in that sense.