What game(s) have you finished recently? Tell us a bit about it/them.

Started by FireFlower
  • I've played a lot of games recently (during mars/may).

    • In Fear I Trust : nice
    • The Technomancer : great !
    • ABZ : wonderful !
    • The Turing Test : great too !
    • The Turing Test : the best mystlike I've played since a long time !
    • The Forest : nice
    • Dead Synchronicity : great weird game
    • Steamroll : fun !
    • The Uncertain Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day : I love it !
    • Noctropolis : euh … weird. I've not finished
    • Kona : very atmospheric ambiance
    • 2Dark : very challenging game. Excellent ! And very dark too ^^

    I've bought here some games I'll probably play this month :

    • The Descendant
    • Larry Lotter and the Test of Time
    • Quest for Yrolg
    • Venetica


  • I didn't play any game from your list! :'-D
    Tell me a bit about them, I am curious. ;-)
    But no spoil please! Don't take away from me the pleasure of the discovery, just tell me a little bit about each game please. :-)

  • Changed the headline of this topic a bit, but it's still more or less the same meaning as before.

    Also made a new topic where you can tell us about games you are playing now but haven't finished yet.

  • Have you had the chance to finish The Descendant, Larry Lotter and the Test of Time, Quest for Yrolg and Venetica yet, Yannick?

  • I have been on a run through the Black Cube Adventures (ASA, Catyph, Myha, and the newest Boinihi) by Simon Mesnard. Really cool games with mind bending puzzles. In parallel, I've discovered Journey which is my current retreat from reality. I also went back through the first 3 Myst games as a stroll down memory lane and started playing URU this week. Can you tell, with 'sheltering in place,' I have more time on my hands? Cheers!