I or us?

Started by Maxime
  • In the website's about, you say "I". So I thought this was the website of one person. But when you talk to me in forums, you say "us". So I am confused. Is it "I" or "us"? Is there more than one person behind this website?

  • There is more than one person involved but mainly one person that posts in the forum and that's me (I'm also the CEO). :) We used singular because we thought it would be a bit more personal and stand out a bit and perhaps be a bit funny. :)

  • But I think that if there are more than one person involved, you should write "we" to be fair. Because the website's about as it is now leads to confusion, it makes think that there is only one person involved in this website. I hope that you understand my point of view?

  • Our meaning with I in this case is that FireFlower Games or the site is the one talking in the about section. We'll probably keep it like this for now if people don't complain too much. :)

  • Oh! I get it, you made it as if it is the website itself who talks. I understand now why it is funny. But it is not obvious so I suggest you to start with something like: "Hello! I am FireFlower Games, allow me to introduce myself to you:". Something like that to make understand that it is the website itself who talks. ;-)