The Land of Crows & I fell from Grace

Started by springtoiffel
  • springtoiffel

    I've got two indie adventure games right here:

    1. The Land of Crows
      a gothic/horror/Poe-style game inspired by The Cat Lady. it's got no official website, but the dev seems to be active on the game's steam forums
      if you've got no steam account, then please let me know so that I can start a thread asking about a Fireflower release.

    2. I fell from Grace
      seems to be an urban style mystery/drama game. the dev can be contacted on the official website:

  • FireFlower

    Thanks for the suggestions, they look nice. I will contact them.

    And sorry it took a while to reply to this.

  • springtoiffel

    no problem; and good luck! :)

  • FireFlower

    Haven't heard anything from them yet unfortunately.