The House of Da Vinci II

Started by SirPrimalform
  • SirPrimalform

    You already have the first, but the second was released recently on Steam. I don't think it's available anywhere DRM-free yet, but seeing as how you have the first one I think it's hopeful that they'd be willing to release the second one here.

    Steam page:

    I hope you do get it, because I'll only buy it from a DRM-free store and I'll buy it from the first place to get it.

  • I have asked them and at the moment they unfortunately don't have any plans to release a DRM-free version of that.

  • SirPrimalform

    That's so weird considering the first one is here. Did you get the impression it was a "Not now, but at some point later" type of thing or did it just seem like PR speak for "No"?

    p.s. I really like how openly you communicate with customers. I like GOG, but their opacity can be infuriating sometimes so this is a breath of fresh air. Plus you have loads of adventure games they don't have!

  • Sounded like a definite no, but you never know. Could be that the DRM-free version didn't sell as good as expected.

    Glad to hear that you like the way we communicate. And that you appreciate our selection of games. :)

  • SirPrimalform

    Do they think not releasing the second one DRM-free is going to get them more sales? I'm certainly not going to buy it on Steam. Oh well.