Started by Maxime
  • I don't understand how he could not be interested by your project of developing a healthier world…
    Did you play Undertale? This video game is totally made to deliver a message to players which gets along very well with your project.
    According to the concept of Undertale, I would have thought that Toby Fox would be very pleased by your project and would be willing to participate.

  • Yeah, don't know why. Would have been nice to have it here but guess it's not going to happen.

  • I'm not giving up!
    I stay determined!
    I sent an e-mail to Toby Fox trying to convince him to add Undertale here.
    We will see if I succeed or if I failed.

  • Thanks. :)
    I actually asked him why afterwards and he explained that it takes more and more energy the more stores he has to handle, and I can understand that. Probably the same for many other small developers.

  • I undertand.
    Thanks to Toby Fox, we now know why developers are not interested on you.
    However, in my e-mail, I talked to Toby Fox about your ideals and I told him that I thought that he would be happy to participate because I played Undertale and it is obvious to me that this game is a message of non-violence, kindness and friendship and that you stand for these ideals so Undertale has definitely its place here.
    I also told him that you support independent developers.
    I told him that I didn't understand how he could not be interested by your ideals.
    Now I know why he is not willing to handle one more store but even so, that doesn't change anything that I told him.
    I gave him the link to your about page and I asked him to read what you stand for then reconsider his participation by adding Undertale to your catalogue.
    By the way, can't you just replace "FireFlower Games offers…" by "I offer…"? Because that really doesn't make any sense to say "I am FireFlower Games. Please allow me to introduce myself: FireFlower Games offers…". It is as if I would say "Hey! I am Maxime! Please allow me to introduce myself. Maxime is…". You see? That really doesn't make any sense to introduce myself by saying "Maxime is…". :-3
    So, please, fix it. Because that really bothers me. Fix it for my mind sanity please. :-)
    And once you are at it, fix also the "less natural resources are consumed in the process" because actually NO natural resource is consumed in the process so saying "less" is incorrect and that also bothers me. So just fix it as well for I can sleep well please. :-)
    Anyway, I am waiting for Toby Fox's reply and we will see if I succeed to make him want to reconsider adding Undertale here or not.
    If he gives me the same answer that he gave to you that it takes more energy to handle more stores, then I know what I will answer to him because I actually have an answer to that but I wait for his answer first.
    I keep hope that I succeed to get him interested on you and that he will reconsider his answer already. :-)

  • Thanks for supporting FireFlower Games!
    We might consider changing the "FireFlower offers…" phrase. :)
    Some natural resources are consumed; servers that this website and files are placed on had to be built and the cables that transfer the data from the servers to our customers had to be produced etc, so it wouldn't be true if it said "no natural resources", sorry. :)

  • I told you, I share your ideals. So of course I support you! ;-)
    "You might consider"? Oh come on, it is a minor change quick to do, it is not as if I asked you to remake the whole website!
    Hmm… I get your point. Very well then, don't change the "less", it is correct, I didn't think about the materials consumed to build the servers and the cables, you got me on this point. :-)