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  • But customers ARE interested! Did you say that the ask comes from customer?

  • It is probably because they don't know you. Did you introduce yourself to them? Did you tell them what you tell in the website's about? I suggest you to give them a link to your website's about page in the e-mails so they learn to know you and they know who they would give their games to distribute to. ;-)
    By the way, think about adding in the about where you talk about the lower carbon footprint of digital games that they also don't loot nature since they don't need any material, no plastic for disc, box and blister, no paper and no ink for manual and cover. Digital games don’t consume any material so they don’t loot nature and are better for the environment. Remember to add this because it completes what you already told about carbon footprint. ;-)

  • Yeah, they got information about what we do. A link to our about page might be a good idea. :)
    The about page was changed a bit earlier today, this was added: "and less natural resources are consumed in the process. I love nature so that’s important to me." Thanks for your input. :)

  • I think that you should send another e-mail to Supergiant Games. Something like "By the way, I forgot to introduce myself to you so allow me to do it now. Better late than never. So here is a link to my website's about page where you can learn to know me better so you know who is asking for distributing your game that I was asked to. Thank you for your consideration." then you copy a link to your website's about page. I think that would make them feel more comfortable with you if they know you better. ;-)

    Well that's not quite right. Actually, NO natural resource is consumed in the process since NO material is consumed. No loot is better than "less" for nature. ;-)

  • By the way, when players search for a game on your website and you don't have it available, you answer "No products were found matching your selection.". I suggest you to change this cold message for something like: "Sorry, nothing matching your search is available yet. But you still can search in the games suggestions forum if someone already asked for it and add your voice to make this wish stronger, and if no one asked for it yet, then be the first to ask for it, create a new topic for the game you wish with a link to the developer's website and make it become available here! ;-)" Then you add a link to the games suggestions forum. ;-)

  • We'll see what? The answer from Supergiant Games? You sent the e-mail that I suggested already?

  • We don't want to harass the developers too much as they're busy too, so we'll have to accept their decision for now. If more people request their games here then we'll ask them again.

    That's a good idea but that sentence might be too long but we can probably change it and make it a bit shorter and perhaps add a link. If it isn't possible now we'll implement it on our future site. :)

  • That is why I thought of giving a link to the games suggestions forum when a player searches a game which is not available here in order to encourage players to ask for the games they wish to be here. ;-)
    Why couldn't we make a small text of 3 lines? Why should it be 1 line? I made it the shorter that I could, because everything I wrote is necessary, I think. If you don't suggest to search in the games suggestions forum if someone already asked, then the player might create a new topic for a game already asked and divide the voices, which would lead to 2 weaker same wishes instead of 1 stronger wish. If you don't say to add the player's voice to the wish, then the player might just see that a topic for the game they wish already exists and not click on it so not let know that they too wish this game. Then you also need to encourage to create a new topic for the game they wish with a link to the developer's site if no one asked for it yet in order to make the game available here. Everything in these 3 lines is necessary. 3 lines is not too long, is it?
    Why wouldn't it be possible now?
    Future site? You mean that you like my idea of a rebirth of the website with a new name and a new design? You like my idea of GamerFlowers? :-)

  • We are actually working on a new site with a different but probably similar design (and we'll consider your ideas), don't know if we will change the name though. :) The current site is unfortunately not always that flexible so not sure it will be possible to change that here, but it's a good idea and we'll do something with it.

    And let's continue this discussion in the Site Feedback and Suggestions part of the forum. :)

  • If you worry about players who already know this website under the current name, as I told you, you may announce the change of name and give a link to the new website's URL in a banner visible on the home page, in the news, and in the announcements forum, to make sure that regulars are aware of the change of name and don't lose the website. ;-)
    This website's features are limited?

    Okay, I'm gonna to create a new topic in the appropriate forum. :-D

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