Lethal League

Started by Maxime
  • They don't have a DRM-free version of this game at the moment.

  • Wait a minute! They HAVE a DRM-free version of this game! It is on the Humble Store, look by yourself: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/lethal-league?hmb_source=search_bar

    Did you read? "Lethal League is provided via Steam key for Linux, Mac, and Windows and is also provided DRM-free for Linux, Mac, and Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required."

    They just are not interested, but they didn't have to lie…

  • If I was you, I would answer to them something like "Listen, I know that your game is available DRM-free on the Humble Store, I always check if a game is available DRM-free before I get in touch with the developer to distribute it on my store. It's okay if you are not interested but please respect me and be honest with me, that's all I had to say. Thank you for listening and have a nice day."

  • It's always difficult to know how to best handle a rejection. Our policy is to accept it and politely thank for replying.

  • They told us that the game is heavily relying on steam services for the online multiplayer. So that's the reason.

  • The DRM-free version of Lethal League available on the Humble Store is an altered version of the game with no online functionality.
    Team Reptile could provide you with the same version.

  • Yeah. Let's leave this behind us and continue forward. There are more games out there. :)

  • You're right. :-)
    Unfortunately, not even one developer of the many video games that I have suggested has replied favourably to our wishes… :-(
    Why no one is interested by a friendly and kind distributor who supports independence of creation and donates at least half of their annual profits to projects which lead to a healthier planet and development of more great games by crowdfunding and who actually cares about customers?
    I have suggested you to introduce yourself and give a link to your about's page in each of your messages because I thought that they would be as much interested as I got when I read it, but it seems that they are not…

  • Yeah, that's actually been a problem we've had since the start. Might be many reasons developers aren't interested - could for example be that they think that it can lead to more work for them or that they don't know (about) us and prefer to stick to the big and/or well-known stores. But I don't really know why and it would be interesting to hear from a developer's point of view.

  • Does it require work to distribute your games on another store? What do you have to do exactly in order to distribute your games on another store?
    Yeah, you are really hard to get to know. I never knew that you existed before I discovered you the day when I created my account and first talked in the forums.
    I got to know that you exist because I was making some researches about gaming on Linux and I fell on this page: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/wiki/Stores_selling_Linux_games

    You know what? I have an idea. One more. :-)
    You should send an e-mail to all of your customers and kindly ask them if they can talk about you around them on the web so more players get to know you and the more you are known, the more developers get interested on you, the more nice DRM-free indie games are added available on your store, all for the benefit of your customers, crowdfunding, development of more nice independent video games, and projects leading to a healthier world to live in. So for the benefit of everyone. Winner-winner. ;-)

    And to developers, I would say to them that if players would stick to the big well-known developers, then no one would buy their indie video games and that it would be unfair, because they might be not as big and as well-known as AAA developers, their video games are not bad and they deserve some attention, and that the same goes for me as a humble distributor.

    I am not a developer but I dream of becoming one and I will try to fulfil my dream.
    I would provide you as one of my video games distributors for the reasons that I told above and that I'm gonna to remind:
    You are a friendly and kind DRM-free distributor who actually cares about customers, supports independence of creation and donates at least half of their annual profits to projects which lead to a healthier planet and development of more great games by crowdfunding.
    If I was a video games developer right now, I would add my video games on your store for these reasons.
    And I am disappointed at other developers for not being interested on you after you make them get to know you.
    It would indeed be interesting to get to know their point of view, you should ask to developers who told you that they are not interested to tell you why they are not interested so you understand their point of view.
    And make sure to let me know. ;-3

  • Glad that you like my ideas as usual. ;-)
    Are you going to send an e-mail to all of your customers as I suggested and are you going to ask to developers who rejected you their point of view?

  • An email will go out eventually and will probably ask a few developers.

  • Let me know. ;-)

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    Yeah? So what? I said it once so I can't say it again? :-3