Kitrinos - Inside the cube

Started by Yannick
  • Kitrinos is a short adventure/puzzle game.
    It's a free game that allows to discover the "Black Cube" videogame serie.
    It's a complete game, only for Windows (for now), in english and in french.
    This game has been released two days ago.

    You can know more on Kitrinos here :

    Official website :

    This game has been made by two people :
    Simon Mesnard, author of the Black Cube games (ASA, Catyph, …)
    Me (^_^) <- it's why I'm sure that the developper will agree to see Kitrinos on your game catalog

    So … just give it a try, and if you're interested, you are already sure we are too here ^_^

  • FireFlower

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Looks like a nice game. I'm interested. :)

    Send me an email and we'll continue from there.

  • Hi !

    I've wrote to you with the contact system on your website (I've not found your direct email adress) last Friday. I'm not sure it workd, so I check here if you're still interested ^_^ Have a nice day.

  • FireFlower


    Got the email. Did you get the reply?

    You can also use developer [at] fireflowergames [dot] com.

  • Hello ! I've got the reply. I'm sorry I haven't answered yet. I'll send you the files requiered today.

  • Thanks for the upload on your website. I'll add the url in the description of the video soon. I sincerely hope that our game will greatly entertain your customers, and even may attract here new ones.