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    Title: Get Medieval
    Developer: Monolith Productions
    Distributor: Monolith Productions, (Microïds?)
    Current Platforms: Windows PC (Physical release)

    Game description (from Wikipedia):
    Get Medieval is an action game developed and published by Monolith Productions for the Windows in 1998. It is an overhead shooter in which the player can control one of four characters in a dungeon. Get Medieval gameplay is similar to that of Atari's 1985 arcade game Gauntlet.

    It can be played in three modes (Dragon Quest, Random Dungeon, Custom Dungeon) and on four difficulty levels. The game's four player characters: Archer (Eryc), The Barbarian (Zared), The Sorceress (Levina), and The Avenger (Kellina),[1] differ only in speed and strength. The slowest character (Zared) is the strongest, the fastest (Eryc) the weakest. Players can find Attack and Defense upgrades, losing them once their characters die. In the multiplayer mode, the game can be played via hotseat or network.

    This game came with a world editor called "GMedit" (or "WapWorld"), which allows players to make custom levels. Users can do everything that Monolith Games did in their levels, but it does not give a full control on the level. Custom levels can only contain a maximum of five kinds of enemies and their spawners in a specific dungeon.</em>

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    A nice game I randomly bought in 2003. I still have my CD but I would gladly get a digital copy. It's honestly a Gauntlet clone, but it's fun and it doesn't take much resources. Also, last time I tried, it worked flawlessly on GNU/Linux through Wine.

    Monolith Productions' website:
    Microïds' website (English):
    Wikipedia page:
    Wine page:

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    Think it would be difficult to get this game as Monolith seems to be owned by Warner Bros. But if you can find contact details to a person in charge of digital distribution I can give it a go.