ASA - Catyph

Started by Yannick
  • Simon Mesnard, a french indie videogame creator had already made two great myst-like games, only known by purists adventure gamers. Close to Rhem, Myst and Aura, but in space/sci-fi universe, these games are truly incredibles even if they where made by one person. If you could add these games (already in english and french, and probably in other languages), it would be awsome ! ASA & Catyph are already sold by Steam, but it would be a great thing to sell them here too ^_^

    Offical Website :

  • Thanks. Contacted. :)

    And you probably shouldn't talk about anyone else than FireFlower. ;)

  • Why not? If we prefer buying our games from here rather than from other distributors, it must not be because we don't know other distributors. It must be because you are our favourite. Get it? ;-)

  • Good. This is freedom. ;-) And since Yannick talked about Steam, I felt that I had to let know that there are other alternatives to Steam. At least, if you can't get the wished games here, still better buy them DRM-free elsewhere than Despotic Restrictive Megalomaniac Steam, Origin or Youplay. ;-)

  • Sorry for telling the Despotic Restrictive Megalomaniac name that cannot be said … ^_^
    You're right, here we are far away Sauron's eye, so let's keep this place safe ^^

    And thank you for giving official activity here, on the forum.