Started by Maxime
  • They're not interested at the moment. They're currently decreasing the amount of stores they sell their games on.

  • The request is not "Sell your video game on one more store.".
    The request is "Sell your video game on FireFlower Games.".
    It is up to you to make them understand why you are different from other stores and why they should choose you.
    Do you even try to negotiate with developers or do you just ask for their games and answer "okay" when they answer they are not interested?
    It is up to you to make them interested!
    You need to CONVINCE them, not just ask!
    You need to give reasons to choose you!
    You need to tell them why they would choose you rather than another store, what makes you better for them, for customers and for the world!
    And if they still are not interested, then give up.
    But not before you tried to negotiate with them!
    I might be too insisting, but you are not enough!
    You need to show that you are worth it!
    I hope that you understand my point. ;-)

  • I understand but they are not taking on more stores due to costs and administrative workload. So in this case it's no point in arguing or trying to convice.

  • Then you didn't understand my point.
    The point is not to convince developers to add one more store, the point is to convince developers to choose you, meaning explaining why you and not another store, what makes you better than other stores for developers, for players, for the world.
    So in this case, I understood well that they are decreasing their amount of stores, meaning that they want less stores, but the point is to convince them to choose you as one of their few stores.
    Just give them reasons to choose you as one of their few stores, tell them why you are a better choice than Steam!

  • Hmm… Do you want that I take care of contacting next developers and negotiate with them on your behalf?

  • Feel free to contact them if you like. Just don't be too pushy, respect if they're not interested. :)

  • Don't worry, I'll not harass.
    But I'll not just ask.
    I'll try to convince them, to negotiate with them, to give them reasons to be interested. ;-)
    By the way, in order to negotiate with developers, I need to know how you share profits between you and them.
    50/50 then you share half of your half on donations?
    Meaning 50% of the price to fund the developers, 25% to fund you and 25% to fund great independent video games and a healthier world?
    Is it how you deal?

  • Sounds good. :)
    The revenue split is usually 70/30 (70 to the developer and 30 to FireFlower). But it's negotiable, so the developer can get more (or less).
    Our part (30) is only the revenue so it's not as simple as half of it goes to the environment and independent video games. It's the annual profit of the company that decides that in the end. Half of the profit (revenue minus costs) goes to the environment and independent video games.

  • So your annual funding is 15% of the year sales and the annual donations are 15% as well while the developers part is 70%.
    Well it is even more interesting for developers, you should have told to each developer that you contacted that they would keep 70% of the sales, it is a point to know which is of interest for them.
    Alright then, I'll deal with developers next time and I'll let you know. ;-)

  • Thanks. 70/30 is kind of standard in the industry so it's nothing special really. :)