Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

Started by Alexander
  • Alexander

    Hi, this fascinating little adventure game came out today, unfortunately only on Steam and DRM-ified with Steamworks. GOG rejected it (as they seem to do with many great games these days, not sure what's wrong with these people). It would be great if I could purchase it from your shop. :)

  • FireFlower

    Thanks for the suggestion! It should be available here later in May.

  • FireFlower

    It has unfortunately been delayed and don't know when it will be available.

  • A Chinese friend of mine works at GOG and has a big say in game picking process. There were many popular Detective Di TV shows, movies in China and Asia. Here's one of them: .

    So perhaps he has watched those series or the remakes. Perhaps there are copyright concern.

    That's the only explanation because Detective Di is the type of games that usually get accepted by GOG, custom pixel graphics, old school, unique style, story driven, indiez, you name it.

  • SirPrimalform

    Given that the character should be long out of anyone's copyright I'm not sure that can be the case. GOG have got quite a reputation for arbitrarily rejecting things without giving any kind of reason why, this just seems like another one of those cases.