Thaumistry: In Charm's Way - Version 1.3

Started by FireFlower
  • FireFlower

    Stand-alone TADS game file now available. A platform independent version of the game that is playable with third-party TADS

    Please note that this version of the game lacks all custom
    engine functionality, like the in-game map, appearance, custom
    configuration options and auto saves. As a result, it's a stripped
    down, bare-bones version and you will not get the intended experience
    if you choose to play the game this way. It is provided due to popular
    request from Interactive Fiction enthusiasts who prefer to use their
    own interpreters to play the game.

    Other changes:

    * Full-screen support
    You can now play the game in full-screen mode. In order to avoid
    excessively long lines of text, the maximum text width is now
    configurable in the options.

    * Accessible text-mode version (Windows)
    For visually impaired users who rely on screen readers and Braille
    displays, the Windows version can now be played in a text-mode
    window. This should provide full accessibility support for screen
    readers like NVDA and JAWS, or any other screen reader that supports
    text-mode windows.

    * Accessibility improvements on macOS
    The game should now be more accessible to visually impaired macOS
    users using VoiceOver.

    * Numerous smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

    Please be aware that this update will break your existing saved games.