Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath - Version 3.0

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 3.0 of Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath is now available.

    Patch notes



    • Co-op mode: a second player can join or drop the game at any moment.
    • Co-op slab: they are used to resurrect or to change the class of Player 2
    • The church: you’ll now be able to reset your character stats and skill points here
    • “New” story: The Sorcerer (previously playable on websites like Kongregate, it’s a small adventure serving as a demo of the game)
    • Grappling hook to pull some objects (for puzzles)
    • Some new items and craft recipes
    • Shake screen effect to add some punch to the game


    • The console will no longer open when you press F12 (didn’t realise it was the steam screen cap key) -> Press L-Shift+F3 if you need the dev console
    • It should be harder to get ejected out of the map
    • "Damages dealt on hit" stat is now decreased when you remove the equipment piece that increased it
    • Drag and drop to desequip an equipment while wearing a vanity item is now working properly


    • Minor/Medium textures rework (mainly buildings, so each one has an unique feel)
    • Crafting window improved (number of crafts for which you have the necessary items displayed)
    • Some sprites and UI changes, added animations in menus
    • Sprite over his head when a NPC or a creature joins combat
    • The spiders spawned by the Spider Queen now aggro player directly, this makes the boss more challenging and forces the player to stay in movement
    • Bigger inventory
    • Better gamepad support: you will not be able to use it in the menus, inventory, etc… but it will come handy for the co-op mode and the multiplayer mode
    • Magic is easier to learn (the mage tower is no longer locked at the beginning of the game)
    • Possibility to change resolution from the in-game options. Also added an option for fullscreen on/off



    • Team Deathmatch mode
    • New maps: DM-Sorcerer, DM-DesertTemples


    • Characters with shields now take the same amount of damages as others