Memories of a Vagabond - Version 1.2.3

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 1.2.3 of Memories of a Vagabond is now available.

    Patch notes

    • Fixed a freeze bug at the rock puzzle in the underground prison
    • Improved various battle backgrounds
    • Redesigned Stagner Village and the Monastery from scratch
    • Fixed various texts/story events
    • Fixed a rare bug where rain can be seen inside houses in Coria Village
    • Better optimization, the game runs better on old computers
    • Fixed a few post-death bugs (such as a duplicated ship in the north)
    • Fixed some items descriptions and stats
    • Rebalanced the difficulty of the game
    • An angel tear can be found in a chest before the zombie boss in the ruins
    • Various other small bugs fixes