Deponia: The Complete Journey - Version 3.2

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 3.2 of Deponia: The Complete Journey is now available.

    Patch notes

    FIXED: Random crashes to desktop when changing rooms.
    FIXED: Time Paradox dialog not working correctly on some systems.
    FIXED: Non-reacting cursor on some systems after longer playtime.
    FIXED: Not being able to enter Wenzel's house when playing in a specific order.
    FIXED: Visited exit names not switching back correctly fromĀ  '???' in Goodbye Deponia.
    FIXED: LUA garbage collector wrongly deleting table data that is still in use.
    FIXED: Invisible dialog box making some hotspots in the lower parts of the screen inaccessible on some systems (I.g. Dud behind Tonis house and Detonation Plan minigame).
    FIXED: Achievements when switching from Deponia to Chaos on Deponia not unlocking on several systems (E.g. 'Huzzah let's hope far away' and 'Thanks!').
    FIXED: Missing cloud animations after savegame loading.
    FIXED: Black characters after savegame loading.
    FIXED: Rufus walking on the same spot randomly on some systems.
    FIXED: Wrong minigame help texts on some systems.
    FIXED: Missing dialog boxes in several situations.
    FIXED: Skipping developer commentary lines.
    FIXED: Music not being reseted correctly after developer comment has ended.
    FIXED: Broken developer comment for the Outer Turn.
    FIXED: Broken developer comment for the dock.
    FIXED: Broken developer comment for the Mosaic minigame.
    FIXED: Developer comments disappearing after the first chapter of Goodbye Deponia on some systems.
    FIXED: Jumping developer comments button in several rooms.
    FIXED: Several spelling errors in developer comments (German and English)
    FIXED: Several spelling errors throughout the three games (German and English).
    ADDED: Missing speech files for developer comments (German)
    ADDED: Missing speech files in English translation.
    ADDED: Missing interface text to reset the sound volume after the door knocking puzzle.
    FIXED: Knocking sounds being too quiet in the sewers (Rebel Headquarters).
    FIXED: The cutter stayed in the same place on the map for some players.
    FIXED: Inconsistencies between the direction of the exit cursor and the hotspot marker across all games.
    FIXED: Problems reaching hotspots on a different level in the assembly hall.
    FIXED: Minebike disappearing on some systems during ride.
    FIXED: Jumping scrolling position on some actions in Toni's house.
    FIXED: Menu doors appearing on level changes in chapter 2.
    FIXED: Several situations where Rufus could walk through graphics.
    FIXED: Several situations of wrong animation timing resulting in double frames or flashing characters.
    FIXED: Several hints from the help systems unlocking in wrong situations.
    FIXED: Several staging changes for characters not looking into the right direction.
    FIXED: Developer comment button reactivating when starting a new game.