Concrete Jungle - Version 1.1.8

Started by FireFlower
  • FireFlower

    Version 1.1.8 of Concrete Jungle is now available.

    Patch notes

    New Features & Changes:

    -Mac version now available!
    -English dialog now plays even when a different language is selected (to turn off, lower the voice volume to 0).

    Bug Fixes:

    -Fixed a bug that caused completed campaign levels to record the most recent score as the personal best score.
    -AI bugs with placing towers (would sometimes try an illegal move).
    -Fixed a bug where the game would not maximize its window on startup.
    -Missing link icon from the 'Welfare Office' card.
    -Missing link icon from the 'Farmers' Market' card.
    -Missing star icon from the 'Sculpture' card.
    -Fixed some dialog errors on levels 7, 11 and 14 when using languages other than English.
    -'Medical School' was distributing +6 points instead of +5 as listed on the card.
    -'Parking' building's extend max block size ability was being applied incorrectly, resulting in only a +1 size increase.
    -Some remaining text and grammatical errors

    Card & Skill Balances:

    -'Museum' no longer duplicates cards that can clone other cards.
    -'Newspaper HQ' ability now only applies to empty land or point-collecting buildings and is capped at +32 economy.
    -1st Level 3 star threshold changed to 100.
    -Made Rick's easy AI a little easier.
    -Adjusted difficulty curve of early versus campaign levels.