Concrete Jungle - Version 1.1.3

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 1.1.3 of Concrete Jungle is now available.

    Patch notes

    New Cards:

    • Casino
    • Waste to Energy Plant
    • Market Garden
    • Outlet Store
    • Retirement Home
    • Orphanage
    • Convention Center
    • Resident Parking
    • Dairy
    • Gas Power Plant
    • Pumping Station
    • Medical School
    • Arboretum
    • Cedar Heights
    • Freight Train Yard
    • Callahan Building
    • Amphitheatre
    • Vickers Gate
    • Gardening Suppliers
    • Drive-in Cinema


    • A night time mode! You can disable this through the options menu, or will also be disabled if you switch off 'Random Weather'.


    • 'Steal Points' could only be used on point-collecting buildings, you can now also use it on scoring empty tiles as suggested by the text on the card.
    • The 'Research Plant' card ability was sometimes causing the build list selector to jump several spaces too far down.
    • Game popups now refer to 'Pollution' card correctly (was using it's previous name; 'Waste').
    • The AI placing of the 'Design House' would create lots of unintentional +economy number popup icons.
    • 'Asylum' no longer has a chance at removing itself if you pick your deck to use its ability on.
    • After placing a tower building, selecting cursor mode and clicking on a tile for it's info wouldn't work.
    • A bug causing the background to display a lighter colour during weather effects in 'classic' mode.

    Card/Skill Balances:

    • 'Occupy' is changed back to a non-repeating card, now gives -4 and costs 5.
    • 'Research Plant' now has a chance of drawing non-card shop cards. This also solves an issue where it would do nothing if there was no appropriate upgrade card.
    • Reduced amount of xp needed to gain levels due to increased number of unlockable starting cards.
    • 'Maxwell One' now gives +3 on link effect, not +2, now costs 6.
    • Changed wording on Train cards to be clearer.
    • 'Motivational Coach' does nothing if drawing (or if it's obtained in a non-vs mode).
    • Rick's 'Life of Leisure' and 'Everything is Awesome' skills have been limited to 1 use instead of 2.
    • Cost of 'Spiral Slide' card changed from 7 to 8.
    • Removed 'Funding' card from the classic mode card pool.