Concrete Jungle - Version 1.1.2

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 1.1.2 of Concrete Jungle is now available.

    Patch notes

    New Cards:

    • Bowling Alley
    • Chocolate Factory
    • Circus
    • Life electric Landmark
    • Nightclub
    • Printing Press
    • Religious Building
    • Research Plant


    • Cursor button would be highlighted with a card selected unnecessarily.
    • Research Plant was not writing it's effect to the deck properly.
    • Rick's 'Delaying the Inevibatble' skill was not updating the threshold text display.
    • It was possible to break the 16 building block limit.
    • After cancelling an 'Asylum', the special effect text would stay on the screen.
    • AI would be too eager to play 'Chocolate Factory' early in the game.